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The Steps Your Haircare Routine Needs This Autumn & Winter

Autumn Winter Haircare Routine
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My hair likes the cold just about as much as I do. Not at all. When the weather turns, I become a little more vigilant with my haircare routine to avoid it getting drier and more brittle by the minute. Here are the steps I take to keep my hair as happy as possible.  


I’ve tried countless deep conditioning treatments. The reassuring news is that although I have clear favourites, there’s a good one for every budget.

The best (and most bougie) treatment I can recommend is Olaplex. I have one of their salon treatments within every appointment and also use the Olaplex No3 at home product. It isn’t cheap, but it won Cult Beauty Haul of Fame status this year and is worth every penny. I’ve also recently discovered the Coco&Eve Like A Virgin Masque which works wonders and smells absolutely incredible. Although I tend to stick to the beauty products that I love, when it comes to haircare I do like to alternate between the best, and right now, that’s these two favourites. I feel as though this strategy keeps my hair guessing, which ensures that it doesn’t get so used to the products and that they become ineffective.

Essentially, I’ve found that in terms of haircare, you get what you pay for. Particularly if, like me, you’re not graced with naturally lustrous locks. If you can’t regularly commit to the pricier treatments though, coconut oil and more affordable masques can work wonders too, plus something is better than nothing.


All conditioners offer some level of moisture, but I’m drawn to ones that specifically offer hydration, restoration and nourishment.

For fine hair like mine, I rate the Thirsty Hair range by Lee Stafford which provides weightless moisture. Both their shampoo and conditioner lock in moisture without sacrificing volume. If you’ve read any of my previous beauty empties posts, you might know that I also love Aussie haircare products.

Lee Stafford Thirsty Hair Shampoo & Conditioner
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I used to feel the same way about going to the hairdressers as I did the dentist. I didn’t know how to properly look after my fine hair, and every- single- time- I had it ‘trimmed’, it ended up far shorter than I’d wanted.

A few years ago I found my current hairdresser Jaymz, and ever since, its been a whole other story. I now look forward to getting rid of the ends and having my colour refreshed. My hair has seen a drastic improvement which I attribute to regular appointments and better care. If the condition of your own hair isn’t a good as you’d like it to be, your first step should be to see someone who actually knows what they’re doing.

Whether you’re looking for a a top hairdresser in Manchester, Norfolk, London or anywhere else, just make sure you’re 100% confident in their knowledge and abilities. Word of mouth recommendations are always worth paying attention to, as are the social media accounts linked to both salons and individual hairdressers. Trips to the salon should be enjoyable, and not filled with anxiety over whether or not you’ll hate your new colour or length. I’ve been there.

Coco&Eve Detangling Brush
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The change in weather will already be causing your hair enough stress, don’t give it any more.

Being gentle with your hair requires a level of common sense and the patience it takes to not brush too aggressively. Guilty. However, there are also a few changes you can make which are a little less obvious. These include wearing your hair down more, brushing the ends first with a tangle-teezer, washing your hair less and under less extreme temperatures and drying it with a hair towel or old cotton tee. The habit that I’m always chastised by my hairdresser for is tucking my hair behind my ears. This causes my hair to break at the front, not a good look.

For healthily hair that looks great, these steps should feature in haircare routines all year round. The difference is, that at this time of year, hair is in need of even more TLC. Throughout the colder months I focus heavily on moisturising products and use deep conditioning masques much more regularly.

I’d love to hear more suggestions on how to keep hair in great condition over autumn and winter.

*  This post is part of a paid collaboration with Melissa Salons and contains gifted items. As always, all words, images and opinions are my own. Please read my full disclaimer for more information. 

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  • Reply monika

    I have to start more care about my hair, so thanks for the useful tips 🙂 :**Regards

    October 24, 2019 at 8:30 pm
  • Reply Nancy

    This post is definitely my vibe, especially when I see visible changes with my skin when the weather changes. I love that there are a lot of different hair products out there. I always make a point to take regular trips to the salon to take care of my hair. Oooh, I need to consider being a bit more gentle with my hair. Thanks for sharing all of these tips :)!

    Nancy ♥

    October 27, 2019 at 12:34 am
    • Reply sophhearts

      Yes! There are so many good ones out there. Regular salon trips are a must! x

      October 30, 2019 at 6:45 pm
  • Reply Natonya

    It’s so important to keep your hair guessing because you don’t want your tresses to get used to a product, it won’t work as well. I too like to focus on products that bring moisture back to my dry curls so I’m interested in the Thirsty range especially since you said it’s weightless moisture! I like that!!
    Natonya |

    October 28, 2019 at 5:20 pm
    • Reply sophhearts

      I totally agree with you! Oh it’s just fab- it works so well on my fine hair x

      November 3, 2019 at 9:25 pm
  • Reply Lucy

    I’d really like to try the Coco&Eve masque – sounds amazing!

    Lucy | Forever September

    October 31, 2019 at 6:22 pm
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