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    Oh Christmas Tree… 

    Is there anything more Christmassy than a Christmas tree?

    I decorated my own a week or so ago, but I’m a sucker for continuing to buy decorations throughout the month (even though I really don’t need any more)! One of my favourite things to do is visit stores between Christmas and New Year and purchase loads of gorgeous (and expensive) baubles (naturally they always go on sale after Christmas so you can get them for really good prices). I’m so nosey when it comes to wanting to see other peoples Christmas trees and how they’ve chosen to decorate them, so I thought I’d show you a few of my favourite decorations that hang on my own!

    Christmas Tree Decorations

    S- Christmas gift from last year. Bauble-The White Company

    Christmas Tree Decorations

    Jamie- Local garden centre. Silver Bauble- Waitrose

    Christmas Tree Decorations

    I love seeing other peoples Christmas decorations, so if you have any posts which feature your own please feel free to leave a link in the comments! Although these are some of my favourite tree decorations, I have a Disney Decorations post which you’ll want to check out if you’re a Disney fan!

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    Dear Santa …

    Dear Santa

    Dear Santa,

    I’m so sorry that I’m a little late in writing to you this year. I hope to make up for it in the form of a new business proposal. We both know that you have a particularly impressive CV. I’ve begun to think that you may have outgrown your position? In my humble opinion, your potential is being monumentally wasted in your current role as Santa Clause, bearer of Barbie Dolls.

    Following your annual review, I’d like to propose a promotion. You will no longer be responsible for the giving of material gifts, and the mundane task of wrapping presents. Loved ones across the globe have proved themselves more than capable of stepping up in your place (don’t worry, all mail has been redirected). Instead, I’d like to suggest that your priorities become more unique Christmas gifting. As you will no longer be needing all of that Christmas magic as flying fuel for your reindeer (Royal Mail has it covered, as long as no one is trying to send cash in cards), lets start by utilising it to give less traditional Christmas gifts in the form of miracles.

    I’ve been awfully good this year. I’d like to take the opportunity to provide you with my new and improved Christmas miracle list. You’ll notice it’s full of only immaterial desires.

    Firstly, I’ve had a really busy year. I don’t know if you’ve kept up to date with our news over here but I think its a pretty common consensus that millennials have it bad right now, I know we’re not without our faults, but I swear I don’t even like avocado, and those who do surely don’t deserve such a bad wrap for it? So these five things (I know I usually ask for much more but I figured these all have a higher value) are all kind of based on that.

    1. I’d love if you could revisit the £3k per year university fee cap. Even £3k seems a little steep for what we’re actually getting in return but ‘you don’t get something for nothing‘, we get it. Its just that for a 22 year old, £30 odd grand of debt in exchange for a degree seems pretty harsh (if you could backdate any changes I’d be grateful).
    2. Lets talk about the costs involved for a young person desperately trying to get a foot on the property ladder. I for one, would love to own my own (reasonably sized and nicely located) house before the age of, I don’t know, lets say thirty. Being a part of the generation of renters and grown adults still having to live with mummy and daddy just isn’t very cool.
    3. I’m working my ass off trying to create regular content that people want to see over on my Instagram, but oddly as soon as my followers go up by one they also drop by two. Is there some way of getting it to only go up? (I heard on the grape vine that it has something to do with a dumb new algorithm, hope that helps).
    4. I love blogging and put a lot of work into it. If you could
      a) up my followers and traffic to a few hundred thousand, maybe a million. I’m pretty sure you’re not following me so you can start by fixing that.
      b) have a word with a couple of brands that are in my Inbox category ‘didn’t go anywhere’. They seem to think that its okay to approach me and then just ignore my response?
    5. You might be familiar with the feeling of constantly second guessing yourself? Do I want the shoes or the holiday? Am I a good enough blogger to ever get anywhere with it? Does my friend hate me or is she just to busy to speak to me right now? Is that girl looking at me funny because she thinks I look like I’m trying too hard…. not hard enough? You get the picture. If you could have a word with my inside voice and make her a little more confident, that would be great.

    PS. I know I said I only wanted five things. I do apologise but I think I speak for a majority of the world in asking if there’s anything you can do about Donald Trump? Even permanently deactivating his twitter account would help us out a bunch. It’s just we’re getting awfully worried that we won’t live to see another Christmas.

    Kindest regards,


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    Christmas Gift Wrapping | All Wrapped Up

    Christmas Gift Wrapping

    Is there any better feeling than mastering the art of gift wrapping at Christmas time? Your scissors glide effortlessly through the wrapping paper, you manage to cut off the exact size paper you need, and impossible six inch ribbon curls honey? you got it.

    I’m one of those Christmas freaks who love gift wrapping. Granted I have no children so don’t have to frantically work through hundreds of presents (which Santa will unashamedly take all the credit for) in secret, but I’ll indulge in ribbons, present decorations and all the glitter I can get my hands on for as long as I can!


    Heres a few of my perfect gift wrapping tips and essentials so you can effortlessly wrap with all of the Christmas spirited love and care that you can muster!

    Gift Wrapping Sets

    Why make life difficult and try and source everything individually? Waitrose have some gorgeous wrapping sets which are not only super affordable but provide you with all of the makings of a perfectly presented gift.

    Little Extras

    I love checking out local garden centres which usually have a huge range of little personalised gifts. This year I got the personalised ‘Daisy’ Snowman tin (as in above image) and last I found a personalised bauble. These look great as part of the gift wrapping ‘name tags’ but are also cute little keepsakes!

    Waitrose also have a gorgeous ribbon and twine selection, I’m a huge fan of their red and white Christmas Butchers Twine which helps you to achieve a rustic yet polished present.


    Shake Things Up

    Using one same wrapping paper design is going to leave for a very boring underneath the tree display of presents. Most stores have 3 for 2 offers on their wrapping paper, so I always pick at least three different designs in a variety of Christmassy colours (think reds, golds and silvers). Not only will the gifts look great under your tree, but presents for different recipients are easier to identify too.

    Box Them Up

    When getting your gifts all wrapped up, theres always at least one that you kick yourself for buying because of the awkward shape, or is that just me? If you know its going to be a hassle then don’t even bother. You know all of those online orders that you made which came in cardboard boxes that you usually spend hours on flattening to recycle? Use them! Box the awkward gift in one of those, chuck in some confetti and tissue paper, and enjoy wrapping a perfectly square box instead of a star shape or something equally as awkward. You’re welcome!

    Do you enjoy wrapping gifts? Let me know if you have any other handy tips or favourite wrapping products!

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    A Luxury Christmas | Gift Guide For Her

    Who else uses Christmas as an excuse to indulge? More food, more wine, and a little more money invested in luxury items. I love buying high end gifts and am someone who would much prefer to both give or receive a few well bought gifts that will be cherished, than many gifts that will have all been forgotten about by the next Christmas. Of course, thats not to say that well bought gifts have to all be luxury items, but they’re a pretty safe bet. My one tip when purchasing luxury for someone else (or yourself for that matter) is to opt for classic and timeless styles.


    Accessories are always a great choice when opting for high end. Designer shoes or clothing may be adored, but if you’re going to have to play guess the size then you’re taking a huge risk. Either be sure to grab a gift receipt, or just play it safe and buy something that only comes in one size.

    Personalised Burberry Scarf 

    How do you make a luxury gift even more special? Have it personalised. Burberry scarves come in a classic style, they’re well made for years of use, and Burberry will monogram the recipients initials free of charge.


    Mulberry Purse 

    Mulberry purses are classic. Play it safe by opting for neutral colours like black, brown, cream or the Clay colour I’ve linked. This gives you a better chance of the purse matching with any bag your recipient may have. Neutral colours also tend to be more timeless, so it will be cherished for a little longer and can be used all year round.

    A Little Blue Box

    Make sure not to hand her this on one knee! Tiffany jewellery is iconic, and will always be very gratefully received. I love the double heart pendants, they’re a pretty simple style so will suit the taste of most women.


    Ugg Scuffette 

    A classic Christmas gift. At this time of year slippers are a must! So why not upgrade hers to a classic pair of Ugg Scuffettes’. I know I said opt for things that don’t have a size, but slipper sizes have a lot more wiggle room than tight fitting heels or ordinary shoes, so if you know her usual size then theres a good chance they’ll fit.

    Fragrance and Beauty

    Luxury Fragrance

    High end fragrance is such a great Christmas gift. My personal favourite is Jo Malone’s Blackberry and Bay which is just such a lovely, fresh scent. If you can extend your budget to an additional £15 then Jo Malone offer an engraving service. You can choose to have either the lid or the bottle engraved. If opting for this then I’d opt for an engraved lid. Bear in mind that this can be transferred to new Jo Malone perfumes forever. An engraved bottle on the other hand is only going to be relevant for as long as the product lasts.


    Beauty Products

    Luxury beauty products are something which some people wouldn’t ordinarily buy for themselves. A luxury beauty set will give your gift the wow factor. The Lip Masterclass set from Charlotte Tilbury is perfect for a beauty lover, but any luxury gift set (tailored to the recipients favourite high end brands or favourite products) will do the job well.

    Have you got any high end products on your Christmas wish list? Tell me what they are in the comments!


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    Feeling Festive

    Feeling Festive

    I, like so many others, absolutely love this time of year. I find the beginning of December and the run up to Christmas almost more exciting than the day itself! Its so full of anticipation, good cheer and of course, all of the beautiful Christmas lights and decorations. There are so many fun things that you can do to get yourself feeling festive, and this is my Christmas themed bucket list for the month! Read more

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    A Handmade Christmas

    A Handmade Christmas

    As cynical as I know I sound, its clear that Christmas has become a very commercial holiday. Large businesses begin rubbing their hands together and competing for customers months in advance, as UK consumers alone hand over billions of pounds in exchange for gifts, cards, wrapping paper, food and anything and everything else that businessmen and women label as Christmas essentials. Don’t get me wrong, I’m just as guilty as the next person, and if anything, I’m aware that I use Christmas as an excuse to spend, spend and spend some more on treating both myself and my loved ones, as its so easy to do nowadays! Whats not as easy to do though, is to gift handmade items with a more personal touch.

    A Handmade Christmas

    Last years wreath making materials

    I’ve always been someone who appreciates the sentiment behind a gift slightly more than the gift itself. ‘Its the thought that counts’. I think that its really important when giving a gift, to ensure that the recipient knows that you’ve given it with love, that you’ve picked out something especially for them and that thought has gone into it. Theres no better feeling at Christmas than watching someone open their gift from you and knowing that you nailed it.

    If you have the time, Christmas crafts can be an amazing way to get into the festive spirit. Not only is making your own cards, gift tags, decorations or even gifts, super fun, but it also makes you feel as though you’ve made so much more effort for a person, and that gives you a lovely warm fuzzy feeling inside!

    Here are some of the festive themed things that I like to make at Christmas:

    • Gift tags
    • Christmas Cards
    • Christmas Crackers
    • Hampers
    • Bauble Wreaths
    • Sweet Treats
    • Wreaths

    A Handmade Christmas

    I’d love to hear about any homemade Christmas ideas that any of you guys have in the comments!

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    The Christmas Tag

    I love tag posts as a way of getting to know bloggers just a little better. Here’s my Christmas tag:

    1. What is your favourite Christmas film?

    Without hesitation, Elf!

    Christmas Tag

    2. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?

    Christmas morning definitely! Christmas Eve is so exciting because of all of the anticipation for the next day, I can’t imagine waking up on Christmas day and realising I’d already had all of my presents!

    3. Where do you usually spend Christmas?

    Usually at my parents house with my partner, although I wish Christmas at Disney World was a more regular tradition! Disney is always a large part of our Christmases still though.

    4. What holiday traditions are you looking forward to the most this year?

    Christmas shopping! I love going into the city, admiring all of the pretty lights everywhere, grabbing a festive drink and doing some gift shopping!

    5. Is your Christmas tree real or fake?

    Fake. I’m determined to start getting a real one when we get a new house though (hopefully by next Christmas!)


    6. What made you realise the truth about Santa?

    I can’t remember! Clearly it wasn’t traumatic enough to be ingrained in my memories, so I guess thats a bonus!

    7. Are you a pro-present wrapper or do you fail miserably?

    I love wrapping presents! I wouldn’t say I’m a pro but I don’t do badly (because of all the time I take doing it rather than how good I am).

    8. What is your favourite Christmas song?

    Andy Williams- Its the Most Wonderful Time of the Year. Every time I hear it, it reminds me of Christmas at Disney World which brings back so many happy memories.

    9. What is your favourite Christmas treat?

    Oh but there are so many! Its got to be pigs in blankets or the traditional Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

    10. Be honest, do you like giving gifts or receiving them?

    A few years ago it was definitely receiving them. Now, I really try my best to give the most thoughtful gifts possible and I really enjoy the whole process of buying, wrapping and watching someone open my gift! So I genuinely prefer giving.
    I have to say though, out of principle, I would be pretty peed off if I gave to someone and they didn’t return the favour!

    I hope you guys enjoyed getting to know me a little better through this post! Please leave a link to your own Christmas tags or favourite Christmas post in the comments, I’d love to check them out!

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    Christmas Homeware | The Disney Edit

    There’s nothing that I love more than starting the festive season off by putting on some Christmas music, and decorating the house ready for Christmas. Usually we have quite traditional taste and opt for red, white and gold, but a family tradition is the Disney Christmas decorations. I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that I’ve spent two of my Christmases at Disney World, Florida. Read more