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    November Favourites

    November is another month that’s bitten the dust and we’re nearly at the end of this year! Here are my favourites for last month!


    OPI Nail Envy 

    (For Dry and Brittle Nails) I swear when the weather gets colder my whole body shuts down. I’m always much more hungry than usual, my lips, hair and skin get super dry, and my nails become brittle and break much more easily. I’ve only been using this for a couple of weeks but its already strengthened my nails and since using it none of them have broken or spilt!

    November Favourite

    Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Refining Moisture Cream Complex 

    I recently bought this at Superdrug in the Black Friday sales as it was majorly reduced and had such great reviews (it’s no longer available there, sorry!). I’ve only used it a few times so far but have found it so effective. I have to say, I prefer the texture of my Clinique Moisture Surge moisturiser, but I tend to use that in the evenings and have been using the Elizabeth Arden in the mornings. I can’t fault the product results in the slightest, my make-up goes on nicely after it and I can really see a difference in how long my skin stays looking hydrated and looking awake.

    Elizabeth Arden Beauty

    *Grape Energy Face Serum Hyaluron +

    I was recently recieved this face serum by ERA Natur, and was absolutely blown away. I’m usually a sucker for high end packaging and probably would have walked right by this if I’d have seen it in a store. This is a classic don’t judge a book by its cover scenario because this serum itself is amazing. I usually use the No7 Protect and Perfect serum, and this Bilka product has a very similar consistency. Its hydrating, feels lovely and soothing on the skin, and smells good too, which is just a nice bonus! I’d 100% recommend this product and if you fancy giving it a go, then you can get a whopping 40% off anything on ERA Natur with code ‘sophiehearts40’ here.

    Mad Beauty Disney Range

    I’ve already written a more in depth review of this range which you can read here. Throughout November I’ve really enjoyed using these products, particularly the bath petals and make up palette!



    Going out to Arbuckle’s with a few work friends for a cocktail (or four) was a highlight of November. I’m always so busy with work, social media and study that I never seem to make enough time to actually enjoy myself. This is an issue that I’ll definitely be tackling in the New Year. Its so important to take some time away from working to actually relax and enjoy yourself!

    November Favourite

    Black Friday Sales

    You’re officially an adult when you’re excited about buying a Dyson in the Tesco sales. However I also utilised 50% off clothing on Pretty Little Thing, 20% off ASOS, plus decent discounts at both Superdrug and Debenhams. Who doesn’t love a good bargain?!

    November Favourite

    Christmas Decorations

    I don’t decorate my own house until the beginning of December. That doesn’t stop me loving that the stores and high-streets are covered in lights and decorations beforehand. Theres something so magical about Christmas lights glowing in the dark. They’re so festive and excited for the whole Christmas period.

    Are any of your November highlights similar to mine? I’d love to hear all about them in the comments!

    *  This post contains affiliate links and PR Samples which I have been sent to review and give my honest opinion about. All words, images and opinions about the suitability of the products are my own. Please read my full disclaimer for more information. 

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    Gift Guide | The Foodie

    Foodie Gift Guide

    As a self professed ‘foodie’, I use Christmas as an excuse to indulge in even more food and drink than I usually would and I know I’m not the only one! For me, Christmas isn’t made until I unwrap a Terry’s Chocolate Orange and a box of Lint Orange Chocolate Truffles, yum!

    From traditional food gifts to festive new concepts, heres a round up of the best gifts for the foodie in your life.

    milk&more Christmas Hampers

    You can’t go wrong with a traditional Christmas Hamper. Grocery doorstep delivery company milk&more bring the food side of Christmas to you, their website hosts a whole section for gifts and you can get your weekly shop while you’re there! How easy is that?! The gift tab features a a great selection of hampers, as well as smaller, individual Christmas gifts. They were kind enough to send me some samples from their Cartwright & Butler hampers; Rhubarb and Custard Sweeties, Butter Fudge, and Milk Chocolate Chunk Biscuits, not only were they presented in the most gorgeous traditional packaging, but I can assure you they all tasted great too!


    The Speculaas Spice Company Spice Packs

    Speculaas biscuits contain lots of sweet tasting spices like cinnamon, ginger and cloves- how Christmassy does that sound! I’ve always wanted to visit the traditional German Christmas markets, and this baking kit definitely gives me those vibes. Steven, the Speculaas Spice Master Chef, was kind enough to send me a Spice and Small Windmill Mold pack and I had so much fun making the biscuits with the wooden mold, it was such a Christmassy thing to do and really got me in the festive spirit. This would definitely be the perfect gift for anyone into baking or experiencing different cultures. Plus, bonus points for not gifting someone with their 20th box of chocolates, this is definitely much more original!

    Foodie Gift Guide

    Baker Days Letterbox Cake

    The perfect surprise gift! Baker Days offer a huge range of Christmas cake designs and also offer personalised options! I’ve been to Disney World twice over Christmas and tend to miss it during this season (weird I know). So I sent them a photo I took while there a few years ago, of Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh in a Christmas hat! They were able to put it on a cake for me and I was so happy with the results!

    Foodie Gift Guide

    I haven’t even got to the best bit! Baker Days offer something called a ‘letterbox cake’ which is a cake small enough to fit through the letterbox. Imagine how happy you could make a loved one who lives quite far away when they get home to a surprise Christmas cake! If I’m honest I was worried about the cake breaking or being affected by dropping to the floor once posted though the letterbox, but I was presently surprised. It arrived in immaculate condition and it tasted amazing (I chose vanilla).

    Beech’s Fine Chocolates, Luxury Hand Made Truffles 

    Foodie Gift Guide

    Everyone loves indulging in chocolate at Christmas, and these luxury truffles from Beech’s are the perfect gift! With a variety of flavours; Prosecco, Pink Champagne, Marc de Champagne, and Salted Caramel, there’s something for just about anyone. These would be perfect for eating yourself stocking fillers, Secret Santa style gifts (a safe bet), or even to pop into a hamper if you’re looking at putting one together yourself! The packaging is absolutely gorgeous and lets be honest it looks much more thoughtful than yet another tin of Roses. You really can tell they’re luxury and they’re really really yummy.

    I hope that this has given you some good gift ideas! Please let me know in the comments if you have any other recommendations for foodie themed gifts!

    * This post contains PR Samples which I have been sent to review and give my honest opinion about. All words, images and opinions are my own. Please read my full disclaimer for more information.

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    Netflix | Six Best Series

    Now that we’re pretty much into Winter, theres nothing better than shutting the curtains on the dark, cold weather outside, and getting cosy with a blanket, hot chocolate, some goodies and Netflix. I love binge watching series, and Netflix originals are some of my favourites. I’ve shortlisted my top shows so if you need some inspiration for what to watch then look no further!

    Stranger Things

    If you’re one of the few who has yet to watch this, you might have wondered what on earth the Stranger Things hype all over your socials has been about. The second season has recently been released, and it was so eagerly anticipated that Netflix even published a countdown for its release! I haven’t met anyone yet who doesn’t like love this show. From teens, to someone in their fifties (shout out to my Dad), I think that this really is a show that can entertain anyone. I love the 80’s vibes and its just totally different to any other show I’ve watched before.

    Orange is the New Black

    If you haven’t watched this yet you better get started, there are five seasons to catch up on. Every single episode has kept me hooked and the show addresses some really important and emotive issues.

    Netflix Original OITNB


    I think that this particular Netflix original is maybe more of an acquired taste than the others. Its very high school drama-esque, so definitely isn’t for everyone, but I love it. Its one of my guilty pleasures but its just so easy to watch and full of suspense.

    Making a Murderer

    I’m one of those weirdos who finds murder documentaries extremely interesting. Any crime related show fascinates me and this one is shrouded in mystery and disbelief. Its gripping, emotive, and I’d really recommend it if you like this genre of television!

    Netflix Original

    The OA

    You have until February to catch up on the first season of this before the second arrives on your Netflix screen! This is another series that I’ve found is totally original and doesn’t compare it to anything I’ve seen before. I absolutely loved it though and would definitely recommend it!

    Netflix Originals The OA

    Santa Clarita Diet

    I haven’t seen much hype about this one, but I really think that it warrants it. I love Drew Barrymore so had to check it out when I saw it under my Netflix recommends. Its comical and so easy to watch that me and my partner sat and watched it in just two sittings!

    Netflix Originals Santa Clarita Diet

    13 Reasons Why

    Last but not least. I feel like most people will have seen this too, there was a lot of hype around it earlier on in the year. Netflix has confirmed a second season is on the way in 2018 which I’m so excited for because I thought that the ending of season one was great!

    I’ve watched a lot of Netflix recently, so if I’ve missed off any of your favourites please let me know what they are in the comments so I can check them out!


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    Skincare | Autumn/Winter Beauty Saviours

    The cold wreaks havoc with my skin, in fact, it doesn’t do me much favours in any respect really. I love the seasons but hate the weather that comes with them. I’d be much happier living somewhere where its warm all the time! In any case, I live in Britain, so have a few skincare products which really help keep my skin happy. Read more

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    Ibiza Ice | National Pomegranate Month

    National Pomegranate Month

    I don’t know about you but I absolutely love all of the national days and months! I feel as though its only relatively recently that people have begun to pay attention to them, but I think they’re a great excuse to appreciate and enjoy every day things. This month, November, is national pomegranate month. To celebrate, Palm PR kindly sent me two Ibiza Ice sparkling fruit wines to try out, in the flavours lychee and obviously, pomegranate!

    Ibiza Ice Pomegranate

    I was so pleased to receive these because I absolutely love both lychee and pomegranate! I enjoy the odd white wine or rosé, so these products were definitely something that I was interested to try. I’m pleased to say that I wasn’t disappointed!

    The Brand

    Firstly, I’m a little bit in love with the Ibiza Ice aluminium bottles. They’re sustainable, 100% recyclable, and they kept the drinks cold even though I forgot to put them in the fridge! My first thought was how handy this packaging is for travel! Off to a festival or fancy a celebratory drink on the train on the way to the city with the girls? These would be absolutely perfect. They’re not glass so there’s no worry of breakages, and they look much more high end than some of the cocktail bags that you can buy! Plus, these are designed so that you can easily drink them straight from the bottle.

    Ibiza Ice Pomegranate

    The Drink

    I enjoyed mine as recommended by Ibiza Ice. The Lychee one I meddled with lime and mint, and the pomegranate one I served with actual pomegranate. These wouldn’t be to everyones taste but if you like sweet wines or fruity cocktails then they’re for you! They’re also only 60 cals per 100 mls and are made with all natural fruit, so no nasty artificial additives.

    What really surprised me though, is the price of these drinks, which retail for £2.19 each (or cheaper if you buy in bulk) at Drink Supermarket. For the natural product and high quality packaging I think that the pricing of these is more than fair. Overall I was impressed and will definitely be keeping Ibiza Ice in mind for the future. They’d be particularly handy for travel or when the weather gets a little warmer as they’re so refreshing.

    If anyone else has tried Ibiza Ice I’d love to hear what you think of them in the comments!

    * This post contains PR Samples which I have been sent to review and give my honest opinion about. All words, images and opinions are my own. Please read my full disclaimer for more information.