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    September Favourites

    I can’t believe it’s officially September and we’re officially into Autumn. It’s now the start of the Winter months. last month I spent some time in sunny Spain and had been hanging on to the sunshine and the summer vibes for as long as I possibly could. Now, I’m back home and am in full autumn mode, think burnt orange colours, hot drinks, fallen leaves and all of the jumpers. Before I start with all that though, here are my September favourites: Read more

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    How To | Packing Carry On Luggage

    My second short haul trip of the year is only a week away. Its definitely time for me to learn from the mistakes of my previous trip and get myself prepared. One of the biggest downers to travel can be lost luggage, I know this because BA decided not to bother packing mine on the same flight as me homebound from Rome. Luckily it was the return journey so it was a slight inconvenience (we weren’t reunited with our belongings for more than a week) rather than a total mess up. Regardless, I’ve learnt from my mistakes and am getting prepared with my carry on luggage this time around. I’m a huge fan of list making and I’ve created five categories of things that I need to pack in my carry on.

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    High End Holy Grail Foundations 

    On a bad skin day (or just a bad day full stop) there’s nothing quite like a high end foundation to reassure you that you’re covered. Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of really great high street foundations, but they’re very every day. Sometimes you just need that something extra, a foundation that you can wear to make you feel (and look) better. Birthdays, Christmas, holidays, nights out, interviews, weekends, the list goes on… a good high end foundation has got your back though the good times and the bad. I’ve put together my top three (not in order) of recommendations if you’re on the hunt for your BFF (best foundation forever). Read more

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    August Favourites

    Here we are, at the beginning of September and into the official final few weeks of the British summer. August has been a good month for me, with some nice weather and days off work spending quality time with my other half. These are my August favourites. Read more

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    Luxury Fragrance | Spring Summer Edit

    High End Fragrance

    Long gone are the simple times of popping into Superdrug to pick up my favourite Impulse or So?… body sprays. Nowadays, to the dismay of my bank account, I’m definitely someone who preaches investing in luxury fragrance. My taste in perfume is probably best described as fresh, I love clean and sharp scents; think citrus fruits, ocean waves and freshly cut grass. Refreshing smells that wake me up and cheer me upThere are so many gorgeous luxury fragrances designed for Spring and these are my favourites. Read more