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    Disney | Primark Haul 

    Mickey Minnie Mugs

    Fun fact; Disney is one of my favourite things in the world. I’ll try and get my hands on pretty much anything Disney themed, and as I’m sure you know, Primark has been absolutely killing it recently. They have some really cute Disney bits and bobs for a super affordable price. They’re much more affordable than the new Disney Pandora Collection anyway. Here are a few things that I’ve managed to get my hands on and have been loving recently. Read more

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    Feeling Like a Queen in Empress Mimi London

    I’m a very firm believer in drinking elaborate cocktails, impractical heels and wearing the sexy underwear, all as often as possible. Its interesting how much doing these things, amongst others, can boost my self confidence. No one else knows that I’m wearing sheer lingerie under my clothes but they don’t need to, I’m wearing it for me. These a a few reasons why I’ve fallen for Empress Mimi. Read more

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    How to | Buying Fine Jewellery

    Buying Fine Jewellery

    I discovered my love for fine jewellery just before my sixteenth. My Mum took me into an antique shop in Ely and asked me to pick something out for my birthday. I received the gold diamond ring that I had chosen in a beautiful burgundy leather box fittingly trimmed with gold. Firstly, I was terrified. I couldn’t even keep a pair of earrings safe for more than a week before I lost one if not both. How was I supposed to look after something this valuable? I soon decided though, that it was pointless having something so special if I was never going to wear it. Six years later it’s rarely, if ever, removed from my finger. Since then, I’ve placed a sentimental importance on jewellery which has seen me appreciate and invest in it in an entirely different way. Read more