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    How To | Packing Carry On Luggage

    My second short haul trip of the year is only a week away. Its definitely time for me to learn from the mistakes of my previous trip and get myself prepared. One of the biggest downers to travel can be lost luggage, I know this because BA decided not to bother packing mine on the same flight as me homebound from Rome. Luckily it was the return journey so it was a slight inconvenience (we weren’t reunited with our belongings for more than a week) rather than a total mess up. Regardless, I’ve learnt from my mistakes and am getting prepared with my carry on luggage this time around. I’m a huge fan of list making and I’ve created five categories of things that I need to pack in my carry on.

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    How To | Healthy Hair

    Healthy Hair

    After years of being fed with my thin and lifeless hair, its only within the last year or so that I’ve placed a larger importance on looking after and improving it. The best step I took was finding a hairdresser who I trust. He listens to my goals and helps me make them a reality. I’d had enough of putting up with hairdressers that take too much off the ends and make you want to cry. For a long while before I found my current saviour I spent so much time and money on products which promised me thickness, restoration, protection, shine.. the list goes on. It took a really long time for me to find products that actually work for me. I genuinely think that my hairdresser and my current routine have saved my hair, I’m so much happier with it and it has become so much thicker and healthier. Read more