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    A Tale As Old As Time | Disney at The Kensington

    A Tale As Old As Time

    Disney A Tale As Old As Time

    My love of Disney

    My love of Disney is no secret and Beauty and the Beast will always be one of my favourites. Last year on finding that The Kensington’s ‘A Tale as Old as Time’ was fully booked, I was gutted to think that I’d missed it. Thankfully I was presented with a second chance when the theme was extended due to high demand. Read more

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    April Highlights | 2018

    Despite the showers, April was my best month of the year so far. Not only did we have a few sunny days here in the UK, but April was also host to my first holiday of the year. I’m definitely not ready for May, but it’s here anyway! Before I put April to bed, here are my highlights… Read more

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    Internet Drama: How to Get Over It

    Internet Drama

    It was last June, as a new blogger, that I began to notice the phrase ‘blogger drama’. Being new on the scene, I was pretty baffled. I struggled to grasp what about being a blogger could be so dramatic. Fast-forward to the present day and unfortunately, I’ve become a little more savvy. You’re probably pretty savvy too, otherwise, why would you be here?

    I’ll begin by saying that as a blogger, I’ve found Twitter to be one of the best and most useful social media sites. Through it I’ve made connections with brands and bloggers. I’ve found a great deal of amazing, inspiring content, and if that wasn’t enough, I have also utilised it to drive traffic back to my own blog. Despite its many benefits, one of Twitter’s best and worst qualities is its abundance and diversity of opinions. Surely though, that isn’t Twitter’s fault? Twitter enables millions of users to follow like-minded content, to tweet feelings and experiences and stories and opinions. How we use that freedom is entirely up to ourselves as users.

    Internet drama

    My Experience

    Thankfully, almost a year into my blogging journey I’ve managed to successfully avoid all direct ‘blogger drama’. I haven’t managed, however, to avoid all drama. Whether you’re a blogger or not, there are people sitting in their online bubble who possess Twitter accounts seemingly for the sole purpose of causing arguments. It doesn’t matter how uncontroversial you may think your tweet is, these strange and damaged people (or possibly bots, I don’t know how those things work) who arguably enjoy challenging themselves to find a flaw or offence in order to shit on both your tweet and your day.

    It may come as a surprise to you to learn that I’m not perfect. Although I’d love to preach this lesson in a concise manner, maybe via a meaningful (and unoriginal) one-liner like; ‘turn the other cheek’, it would make me a hypocrite. It would also turn this into a rather short and boring post. I admit that in the past I’ve allowed myself to be dragged into an argument. All because (someone who didn’t even follow me) had an issue with one of my pro-environmentally friendly tweets. I mean, clearly, this guy hates the whole world. I’ve since reflected and concluded that arguing with a stranger online is a bad idea. It not only caused my blood pressure to rocket, it was also an absolute waste of MY time.

    Internet drama

    If you’ve been involved in any kind of online drama (which is very likely if you’re reading this post), then you may or may not have come to the same conclusion as I did. IT’S JUST NOT WORTH IT.

    How to Avoid It

    I don’t even follow some of the accounts that seem to constantly be in the midst of the (usually blogger) drama. However thanks to Twitter showing me the ‘likes’ of the people I follow, it manages to spread much like a plague (or at least a pretty nasty cold) into my view. Trust me, I know how tempting it is to click onto the thread and read the hundreds of tweets. All of which have been furiously typed by different users who decided to allocate their time and energy into unnecessarily involving themselves. I don’t know, maybe some of these people think that they have good reasons. Maybe they’re defending a friend who posted a seemingly innocent tweet that an unfortunate, clearly bored person has started a witch-hunt against.

    If you’re the unfortunate, clearly bored person who has caused the drama in the first place, then you need more help than this post. Consider whether you’d have the audacity to go up to a stranger and speak those words to their face. If you would, then you’d be better off reading a post like ‘how to be a nicer person’. I guess we’ve already established that you don’t allocate your time well.

    Twitter is not high school. There is absolutely no need for bitchy comments and judgmental people that think they’re better than you because they’re vegan or skinnier* or have a higher follower count etc. Once you have noticed said drama, I’d advise you to follow either of these two options:

    1. Scroll past it and carry on with your day! (have a good one)
    2. Take action! Find out whether you follow any of these unnecessarily negative nelly’s and click UNFOLLOW. If you don’t follow them, then head over to their account and click ‘mute’. Unless you have a serious and direct issue with someone then I wouldn’t advise that you click ‘block’. This can just cause even further drama (when they find out that you’ve blocked them).

    If the drama has come directly to your virtual doorstep, then I’d advise you to reconsider your tweet. Is it possible that you wrote it in a hurry or a temper. You may not have realised that it could come across as offensive? If so, delete it, apologize and move on. (It’s probably not the case, but its worth a second thought.)
    If you stand by your tweet, then follow the steps outlined above. Either simply ignore the negative replies or click ‘mute’!

    None of this is groundbreaking advice. However if like me, you needed a little self-reflection and encouragement to leave that drama alone, then I hope I’ve helped! Next time you ignore negativity then grab yourself a beverage and take a small moment to congratulate yourself on GETTING OVER IT. You can now spend your precious time on more productive and enjoyable things.

    *I have nothing against vegans or skinny girls. These were used purely as (hopefully comedic) examples so please don’t start any blogger drama over here!

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    March Highlights

    Happy Easter! How are we now a quarter of the way through the year?! I can’t believe how quickly the past two months have flown by. On a positive note, we’re now over March and officially into Spring so hopefully the weather will start improving and there will be much less snow! Read more

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    10 Small Ways to Show Kindness

    August Favourites

    One of my new year resolutions was to be more kind. I know, its pretty vague… what does being more kind even mean? I wanted to show kindness in an attainable way, no grand (hugely time and money consuming) gestures, just a little more kindness throughout the day to make a more positive impact. The following is a list of the things that I’ve been doing for the past couple of months, and will continue to do. I would 100% recommend introducing proactive ways of showing more kindness to anyone who is looking to set themselves little life challenges or to generally improve on themselves. Doing so involves such little effort but its super rewarding. These tips are all really small and easy ways of showing kindness, promise. Read more

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    February Highlights

    February Favourites

    Does anyone know where February went? In stark comparison to January, which felt like a year in itself, February has come and gone in the blink of an eye! The one thing that these months did have in common, was that they were both far too cold. We all know that cold weather comes with the panic around drying out skin and brittle nails. The majority of my highlights this month are skincare related. Read more

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    What 2017 Taught Me

    Monthly Favourites

    I don’t know about anyone else, but for me, 2017 has passed as quickly as the blink of an eye. When one year ends and another begins, I’m left with a strange sense of finality that comes with the clean slate. One of the ways in which we make sure to move forward is by learning from our experiences. These are the biggest of my own 2017 life lessons.

    Its Okay to Take a Break

    I’m proud of the fact that my first experience of work was at 14 years old. Since then, I’ve always kept myself busy and have enjoyed the independence that comes alongside making my own money. I worked through high-school, college, and my gap year. I worked through my first year of university at UEA and for two years after that. For part of 2017 I worked (full-time) alongside blogging, my OU degree and everything else that comes with life; family, friendships, relationships, etc.

    It was draining.

    I’ve always been proud of my employment and have strived for an impressive answer to the seemingly constant question ‘so what do you do?‘. Thats not to mention that I’m motivated by money and the freedom it provides. Splashing out on luxuries and investing in both short term and long term savings.

    I was told early on in the year that I was being made redundant. Instead of finding alternative employment, I decided that it was the perfect opportunity to take a breakI finally realised that I had bitten off more than I could successfully chew and decided to prioritise my degree and my blog. My ability to do this can be contributed to two things. Firstly that I’m very lucky and have people in my life who have supported me. Secondly, all that saving I did whilst earning has allowed me options. Unlike myself, maybe work isn’t something that you need to give up, maybe its a draining relationship, saying yes to someone who asks too much of you, a hobby that you no longer enjoy, the list goes on. If its getting too much then take a break.


    This kind of leads into my next lesson which is to…


    I’ve learnt the hard way that its better to give your all to fewer things than to spread yourself thin over many. In the later part of 2017, I was trying to do too much and wound up unhappy and irritable. I felt like I had no time to do anything that I actually wanted to do, as all of my time was already committed to work or education- the things that I’d told myself I had to do. Sometimes its okay to turn down opportunities in order to thrive in other ways.

    There’s no point in doing something unless you do it properly.

    I’ve also learnt that prioritising career opportunities is really important. I was open to working alongside everything else going on, but I turned down jobs because they weren’t right for me at that time. They were too many hours or too demanding for not enough pay… you get the gist. I’ve now found a job that I’m starting in the new year that is exactly right for me, the hours are on my terms and its something I want to do. Sometimes prioritising yourself and saying no is the only way to allow better opportunities to fall into place.

    Regaining Self Worth

    By learning the above lesson and allowing myself to say no sometimes, I gained an odd sense of power. There are people in every walk of life, who will take advantage of your willingness to say yes if you let them. These people could be your boss, a friend or relative, the lesson is the same- don’t let them! One day, someone pushed me a little too far and asked too much of me and I said no! It was that easy. I realised that saying yes all this time hadn’t helped me in the slightest. It wasn’t appreciated, I wasn’t paid more, and I didn’t even get so much as thank you. My happiness and my health are more important than a job and the momentary offence of someone who I’ve had to politely turn down. I’m worth more, and so are you.

    2017 lesson

    Don’t Copy or Compare

    I’m a social media addict. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter obviously have their own benefits, but they can also be a catalyst for comparison. Its so important to remember that everyone is different. A picture on Instagram may have 70k likes but you think her dress is hideous!? The one of the cute shoes only has 20 likes!? People have different likes, different interests, different situations and different goals.

    Being able to take inspiration from other people online is definitely a benefit. Draw a line: comparing yourself to them is silly and guaranteed to make you think negatively about yourself. People are ready for different things at different stages of their lives. You don’t know their struggles and the less time you spend trying to compare yourself to someone, the more time you have to work on yourself. This year I’ve spent so much time comparing myself to people. People who were in my academic year and have graduated before me and the blogs of people whose sites have been established over years rather than mine which was started a matter of months ago. Its absolutely pointless! Be confident in yourself and your decisions, all you can do is try to continue to improve on yourself.

    I know that none of these lessons are exactly groundbreaking. I do hope however, that they help you in the way that they helped me. They’re reminders to put yourself first, to re-evaluate and to make the changes you need to.